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Practitioner education plays a central role and every growing role in the work we do helping support the growth of personalised medicine around the globe.

Nutrigenomic and pharmacogenetic testing is an increasingly valuable tool for practitioners.

dnalife run regular training sessions in getting the most from these tools in cities around the world. The courses combine in depth biochemistry with a thorough grounding in nutrigenomics brought to life with relevant case studies and inspiring and energising teaching methods. Watch this video to find out more about the course and the views of practitioners taking part.

The dnalife course trains practitioners how to make use of  5 genetic profile tests: DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Sport, DNA Oestrogen and pharmacogenetic test Medcheck.

The course is designed to provide practitioners with an understanding of nutrigenomics supported by the relevant biochemistry and insight into patient interventions.

Practitioners completing the course receive DNALife certification to use tests in their clinical practice.

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