Nordic Group Nordic Group

A fast growth company

Nordic Group has seen a steady year on year growth in revenue since our foundation in 1997. This year we expect to see 25%YOY growth driven by new acquisitions, the expansion of our Nordic Clinic brand and organic growth in existing brands.

Key metrics

  • Annual Turnover: $6.5m

  • Projected turnover 2018-2019: $10m

  • Projected turnover 2019-2020: £12.5m

  • YOY growth: 25-30%

A fast growing sector

The global personalised medicine market was valued at USD 1,008 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 2,452  billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 11.8% over the forecast period. Nordic Group’s expansion strategy will focus on further development of innovative products and services catering to practitioners and patients within this fast growing sector. (Source)

Nordic roots. Global presence.

Our Nordic team speak over 15 languages. We have on the ground staff  in 20 key markets around the world, with practitioner customers in over 35 countries.  

3 strategic pillars

Our growth strategy is driven by consolidation, expansion and extension.


Driving growth in our core brands

We are investing to expand our Nordic Clinic chain across Europe, acquire supplier laboratories for vertical integration in our Nordic Laboratories brand and leverage dnalife, Athgene and medcheck for new customer acquisition.

Global Expansion

Driving growth in new markets

We are focused on developing our business and supporting the growth of personalised medicine around the world. Our organic growthwill continue in Europe and existing markets and we have expansion plans in Brazil, China, France, UAE and South Africa.


Driving growth with new brands

We are developing new direct to consumer brands focused on nutraceuticals and functional foods. Our acquisition and partnerships strategy is based on identifying innovative, best in class companies with fast growth potential to shape the future of healthcare.

Independent. Flexible. Global.

  • Independently owned

  • Fast growth, high value sector

  • Proven business model

  • Global expansion opportunities

  • Brand portfolio tailored to each market

  • Respected reputation and expertise